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Try SkillMil Hiring Solutions

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Hire highly skilled veteran candidates in less time.

SkillMil created an applicant tracking system that fits your unique employment needs. The primary focus is matching skills, enriching your pipelines, and increasing results with ease.


Our team of specialists have created a powerful HR tool that takes the guesswork out of translating military jargon and implemented a precise HR hiring solution to attract and retain top military talent.

Our one-of-a-kind parsing technology helps HR professionals match the right candidate for the specific job skills they seek and serve the U.S. military veteran marketplace.

Candidates and decision-makers alike benefit from our SaaS products. All job seekers benefit from the simplicity of our platform at no cost to build a resume-ready profile to share with recruiters.  


Build an optimized resume to get more interviews

SkillMil's free resume builder is the perfect tool for beginners, those who haven't updated their resume in several years, or those who want to start from scratch. The resume builder makes it easy. Upload your VMET or resume, fill in the fields, and save and export a new resume that highlights your skills and matches the job description.


Create an optimized and tailored resume for each new job opportunity that gets a hiring manager's attention.  Our technology takes the guesswork out of translating your skills, connects you with hiring decision-makers, and shortens the job-hunting process.

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