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Attract quality talent and increase the number of applicants with career pages that highlight your brand and put your jobs first. Learn how.

Branded Career Pages that Convert Prospects to Hires

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Our simple and powerful branded pages showcase your jobs, allow job-seekers to apply on-site, and help your community apply easily. 

Your branding, including logos, and colors

Installed and lives on your website

Job list automatically takes the look and feel of your page

Easy to install, no coding experience needed

Internal messaging platform

Automatic job listing updates

Shareable job link

Right Hiring

Precisely match candidates to jobs  using our proprietary AI technology. 


Decrease time spent evaluating candidates  with the help of SkillScore.

Translates military MOS codes or documents into civilian business speak. No more guesswork. 

Implement personalized hiring management white label API right on your company website.

Auto-format veteran profile into business resume format, with references, & video.

Creates opportunities for organizations & transitioning veterans.

Relationship building networking platform connects candidates with candidates & hiring managers to candidates.

Increasing candidate hires and retentions is our sole mission!


All you need in one place

Our simple and completely custom solution keeps applicants directly in your pipeline.  

Auto-fill application forms 

Internal messaging platform & video chat

Job search filtering

Automatic job listing updates

Easy AI/ML matching technology with SkillScore

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Diversified, Equitable & Inclusive Hiring Solutions


Hire highly skilled veteran candidates in less time.

We created an applicant tracking system that fits your unique employment needs. The primary focus is matching skills, decreasing bias, and increasing results with ease.


Our team of specialists have created a powerful HR tool that takes the guesswork out of translating military jargon and implemented a precise HR hiring solution to attract and retain top military talent.

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333 Ravenswood Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025

407 Commerce Way, Suite 9A, Jupiter FL 33458

PO Box 390, Foley, AL 35636

Tel  (650) 308 8491

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