Job searches for veterans is a struggle.

SkillMil’s unique technology helps veterans get hired by providing personalized knowledge and skill matching to fill the business position demand.

1.5M veterans are coming on the market in the next five years.

Roughly over 20 million retired veterans are living in the US, and over 1,500,000 veterans will transition out of the military in the next 4-5 years.  Most of them will seek employment in the new, corporate world.

Veterans are uniquely capable and in demand.

Companies are actively seeking vet-hires today, for their proven experience in different areas and personal characteristics.

The government offers federal and state skills training grants and hiring tax credits of up to $18,000 for each hired qualified veteran.

All of these factors make veterans a desired candidate for most employers.

However, veterans still struggle to find jobs and companies struggle to find candidates.

Hiring veterans is arduous and usually unsuccessful for several reasons:

  • Mismatches. Traditional job sites do not optimally match the training and background with the job requisition.  It’s not uncommon for a highly trained manager of complex, large-scale logistics to be matched to a software programming job, or for the Commander of a Nuclear Submarine (“1120”) to be matched to a truck driver.
  • Jargon. Hiring managers typically discount or give no credit for experience obtained in the Military, because it’s described with complicated acronyms and unrecognizable jargon.
  • Job search is a new concept to veterans. Corporate and military realities are very different. Veterans often expect the military pre-planned career management and are used to a military personnel office responsible for placing them in their various assignments.

We address all of these problems with SkillMil.

SkillMil™ – Precision Hiring for Veterans.

  • Translates military jargon/acronyms (military speak) into plain business English.
  • Auto-formats input data into a clean business resume.
  • Provides SkillScore – the percent “fit” of job candidates to open requirements.
  • Lists the specific skills & experience candidate is missing to achieve a 100% fit.
  • SkillMil makes job search and hiring easy for both veterans and HR managers.

Veterans have extensive training (knowledge and skill) and certifications that are communicated with military jargon and acronyms.  SkillMil converts the “military speak” into an easy-to-understand language for hiring companies.  This conversion minimizes the communication gap between the veteran and hiring employee and communicates the veteran’s career and experience effectively.

SkillMil produces a 1-page formatted resume summarizing the veteran’s career.  With input from the hiring company, the 1-page resume can also include specific information desired by the recruitment company (e.g., Total flight hours, specific training and certifications, time served in specific functional areas, qualifications, etc.)

SkillMil‘s unique feature, SkillScore, quantifies the percent “fit” between a veteran and an open job requirement so that the hiring manager can easily recognize the optimal match results across several candidates.

Corporate hiring managers can use the SkillScore to pre-screen multiple candidates, based on a percent match cut-off.

SkillScore is a unique concept that can be used for any job search, not just veterans. Licensing SkillScore to all job-matching sites in the industry is one of SkillMill’s planned profit channels.

In addition to providing a percent match with SkillScore, Skillmil provides a list of the knowledge and skills needed to achieve a 100% job match to a specific position, so that veterans can know exactly what they need to learn to get hired.

SkillMil provides training and assistance to businesses on the full use of veteran benefits tailored to the company’s needs and helps them realize and maximize the tax credits available and grants offered.

Many states also help provide training to veterans, so they can obtain required skills to meet the requirements of the job offered.  Businesses can use the saved funds from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to help train veterans in addition to using state benefits.

For all SkillMil-hired veterans, there is an ability to connect to a professional network (LinkedIn style). This system allows for mentoring and communication by the SkillMil team and other veterans.

How it Works:

For veterans:

  1. Veteran inputs their service dates, pay rate, military specialty codes, training courses, and field experience codes;
  2. SkillMil translates inputs into a business resume;
  3. SkillMil matches the veteran’s profile to an open job requirement;
  4. If hired, SkillMil assists hiring company in onboarding vet for a smooth transition.

Additionally, veterans can:

  • Fill out complete profile to begin professional networking,
  • Get coaching throughout the first year assisting in an easy transition,
  • Receive ongoing career path coaching (for next job or promotion) from SkillMil,
  • If not hired, they can see further training and experience needed to meet the criteria for achieving specific job positions.

For companies:

  1. Hiring manager creates a company profile;
  2. Imports existing job openings or creates a new one and list requirements;
  3. For each job opening, adjusts candidate’s desired skills, qualifications, and competencies;
  4. Based on the settings, sees the list of candidates ranked by SkillScore;
  5. Reviews candidate’s profile:
    • 1-min video with answers to questions that the company has chosen in advance,
    • A list of training and experience that is missing to get to a “100% match.”

For hired candidates, SkillMil works with a company to help them get benefits and file required forms.

For candidates that weren’t hired, SkillMil automatically prepares required reports: A Federal mandate requires companies to report on why targeted job applicants (e.g., veterans) were not hired.  By quantifying the percent match, and listing skills & experience lacking for candidates to reach a 100% match, these reports are easy to produce.

Powered by exclusively-licensed SRI Tech

SkillMil integrates proprietary Sunflower technology developed by Stanford Research Institute (SRI), an applied research organization in Menlo Park, CA.

SRI is famous for a long list of life-impacting creations: It’s 70+ years of innovation have created new industries, billions of dollars in market value and lasting benefits to society.

SRI-based technology gives SkillMil matching functions through:

  • a specialized database structure
  • machine learning
  • proprietary reasoning algorithms
  • artificial intelligence

SkillMil’s exclusive license to utilize this SRI software integrated into our end-to-end solution means a uniquely effective approach that’s impossible to replicate.
The result?  Precision hiring!

Business model: Free for veterans, the subscription-based fee for companies.

  • Specialists from Oracle HCM, SRI, Sand Hill Angels, LinkedIn have been consulting on the development of our pricing model.
  • SkillMil’s service will be free of charge to the veterans. Each veteran will get a manager assigned to them as part of onboarding.
  • Corporations will be subject to a licensing fee, which is based on the size of the enterprise  (number of direct employees) and the number of hires. Each company gets a personal account manager, providing one on one service.
  • Company fees typically range from $1,500-5,000/month during our BETA phase.