Hire & Retain Quality Candidates.

Connect your hiring managers with highly skilled veteran candidates, faster!

Committed to Candidate Experience

We work with your organization to build personalized hiring solutions that fit your unique employment needs. Our team will work to create and implement hybrid solutions to attract and retain top talent. 

Why Choose Us?




Precisely match candidates to jobs  using our proprietary AI technology. 


Decrease time spent evaluating candidates  with the help of SkillScore.

Translate military MOS or VMET into civilian business speak.

Implement personalized hiring management white label API right on your company website.

Auto-format veteran profile into business resume format, with references, & video.

Creates opportunities for organizations & transitioning veterans.

Relationship building networking platform connects candidates with candidates & hiring managers to candidates.

Increasing candidate hires and retentions is our sole mission!

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How SkillMil Works

Hiring Managers
Create a profile with our unique resume builder & MOS/VMET translator
Refine job search
View top job matches
Connect with employers
Create Your Business Profile
Target key skills or post a job
View candidates with highest
Connect with best-matched veteran candidates

Post, Evaluate, Connect.

Connecting with your next hire is that easy !

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Military experience is more than key-words in a resume

We use decades of military experience and AI technology to translate and precisely match unique profiles with employers. Our proprietary AI/ML matching process, SkillGraph,™ dramatically improves search results with quality job possibilities and ultimately results in improving candidate satisfaction.



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