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Enrich and diversify your recruiting data. Find the right candidate fast.

We offer feature-rich plans for every stage of your hiring process. Whether you're hiring 1 or 101, SkillMil will help you hire at scale.

Subscription Pricing

Subscription Plans

Choose an affordable subscription plan to organize, prioritize, and match job seekers and military candidates. 

*Statement reflects the monthly price of annual subscription

Contact us at for Parser & Enterprise level subscription pricing

Discover Powerful Hiring Solutions

SkillMil Parser provides the user the ability to:

  • Ensure that it parses VMET, resumés and CVs of all formats

  • Our parser has over 92% accuracy level

  • Integrate via a white-label API with your existing software

  • Detects regions and languages effectively

  • Accurately identifies soft and hard skills

  • Accurately identifies certifications, Licenses, schooling, and Security Clearances

  • Adaptable to the needs of the customer



Parse veteran military documents, resumes, and job descriptions quickly and accurately.

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Search & Match Engine

Match jobs to quality candidates faster and more effectively.



Enrich resume and profile data from multiple data sources in real-time.



Verify government and military members' skills, certifications, and qualifications in less time.

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