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Veteran resume writing in 3 simple steps!

Upload It

Got a VMET? Upload it, a resume, or simply enter your MOS codes to begin creating your personalized profile.

SkilMil will quickly create a fully customizable ATS-friendly resume for you. But don't stop at one, you can retarget your profile and save as many resumes as you need.

Tweak it

Showcase your top skills for the best job matches. Retarget your profile with our user-friendly resume builder. The resume is yours to print, share or email to hiring managers and job boards. 

Get a job!

Once matched, getting hired is a step away. SkillMil makes it easy to connect with companies and begin your new career. Use our messaging platform to chat directly with employers from your desktop or on the go. It's that easy! 

Create an ATS-friendly resume fast with our free veteran resume writing tool.

Join a community of veterans who are spending less time translating skills and more time connecting with hiring managers, and getting hired!

SkillMil, created by veterans for veterans

Searching for a job after leaving the military can be daunting. You have to sift through confusing job boards and create dozens of profiles. We created an AI-powered veteran resume writing tool that will create a resume or resume profile for you. 

Simply upload your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) and watch your military documents translate in seconds. Your skills and experience will match you to veteran recruiters throughout all industries actively seeking veterans with specific skill sets.


Tweak it yourself or let our staff of certified veteran resume experts help. Once your resume is ready,

apply for the jobs that are the best fit for you!


Do I need a VMET?

No, you can also enter your MOS codes to auto-fill our free resume builder. Save yourself hours translating years' worth of military documents when you upload your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) document. 

How do I get my VMET?

Go to milconnect to download your VMET and check for accuracy. Once your satisfied that your records are correct, upload your VMET and watch our solution translate your skills in seconds. 

I still need help. Do you offer one-to-one consultations?

Yes, fill out the blue form, and someone will reach out to you shortly!

Resume Writing Consultation


Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you shortly.

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