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SkillMil Zoom App Installation Guide

Customer Zoom Installation

1. Go to and login with your account (this does not apply to candidates)
2. Now go to the Candidate section and select the Job tab.
3. Now go to Applied section and click on schedule meeting action.
4. This will redirect you to zoom authentication and authorization  and once you authenticated then it will take back you to skillmil application.



SkillMil Inc. offers customers the ability to schedule secured meetings via ZOOM. This capability will be conducted in a professional environment and coordinated via our secured SkillMil Platform.

If you required additional information please reach out to our customer service department or simply create a ticket via the "help" menu in the SkillMil APP.

You must have an active employer account with the skillmil application.


You must have an active Zoom account to be able to integrate with our platform


1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to Zoom App Marketplace.
2. Click Manage >  Installed Apps or search for the SkillMil app.
3. Click the SkillMil app.
4. Click Uninstall

You can contact us at:

SkillMil Inc.

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