Get the job done with a Veteran

SkillMil uses state of the art hiring technology to BEST match employers to high quality veteran talent.

Why SkillMil ?

We make it easy for employers to find the best talent to meet their needs. Our unique matching process connects the employer with veteran candidates who posses the exact skillsets they need.

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SkillMil Technology

We use proprietary machine learning to establish a SkillScore, which helps veterans and companies easily understand how well each candidate aligns with each specific job. We do this by extracting key database elements and comparing them to hiring company job descriptions, then do it over and over again. This process creates the SkillScore™  and enables SkillMil to present job matches that are prioritized based on best fit. Your SkillScore is unique and establishes the likelihood of being hired today.

Powered by exclusively-licensed SRI Technology

SkillMil integrates proprietary Sunflower technology developed by Stanford Research Institute (SRI), an applied research organization in Menlo Park, CA.

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