SKILLMIL, Precision Hiring

Uniting Veterans and Businesses

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Why SkillMil?

Military veterans often face difficulty while transitioning into the civilian job market.

Businesses face difficulty translating complex military experience into equivalent civilian skills.

End to End Veterans Service

SkillMil provides employer HR compliance and quantifies the % match of a job candidate to the requirements of a job posting
– and list the job skills, training, and experience lacking for a 100% match; streamlining the job search and candidate
match process.

SkillMil Technology

We use proprietary machine learning to establish a profile quality score, which helps veterans and companies easily understand how well a candidate matches a specific job. We do this by extracting key database elements and comparing them to hiring company job descriptions, then doing it over and over again. This process creates the profile quality score that enables SkillMil to present job matches that are prioritized based on best fit. Your profile quality score is unique and establishes the likelihood of being hired today, and it can change over time.

Powered by exclusively-licensed SRI Technology

SkillMil integrates proprietary Sunflower technology developed by Stanford Research Institute (SRI), an applied research organization in Menlo Park, CA.



Customers we’ve brought on—even before our system is fully in-production—tell us that our solution is easy to use, and makes it efficient to find veteran candidates that closely match open job reqs, making precision hiring a reality.