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with Highly Qualified Veteran Talent

SkillMil is a SaaS HR tech solution. It uses decades of military experience and  AI/ML semantic technology to precisely match unique service member, veteran, and military spouse skills set with employers.


Our matching solution dramatically improves talent search results with quality job opportunities and ultimately results in improving job-seeking candidate satisfaction and experience.


What We Do


Quickly translate resumes, VMET, and job data into a shareable profile.

  • Analyzes any format

  • Bulk import

  • Highly configurable

  • Translates in seconds


Get precisely matched with superior opportunities in less time.

  • AI/ML sematic searches

  • SkillScore ™ matches

  • Shortens hiring time

  • Positve candidate experience


Our built-in networking platform allows you to communicate directly. 

  • Candidate to hiring manager

  • Candidate to candiate

  • Direct messaging

  • Video chats and interviews

We Serve


Create and modify your profile that can easily be customized to suit multiple job opportunities

Veteran Support Organizations

Better serve more veterans with our powerful solutions and manage resume/VMET data in less time with ease.


Help more veterans get HIRED!

Hiring Managers

Precise parsing and matching features allow you to hire faster increase retention.


Deliver better user experience to recruiters and graduates. Improve candidate conversion rates.


Dedicated veteran recruitment and hiring strategy enrich your company’s diversity & inclusion efforts.

Connect with hiring managers right away.

You want to find your new job as quickly as possible. We match your military experience and talents to specific employment opportunities and allow you to communicate with HR managers directly.

Our technology takes the guesswork out of translating your skills, connect you with hiring decision-makers, and shorten the job-hunting process.

Connect with highly skilled veteran candidates in less time.

We created an applicant tracking system that fits your unique employment needs. The primary focus is matching skills, decreasing bias, and increasing results with ease.


Our team of specialists have created a powerful HR tool that takes the guesswork out of translating military jargon and implemented a precise HR hiring solution to attract and retain top military talent.

Try SkillMil Hiring Solutions

Candidates and decision-makers alike benefit from our SaaS products. Our veteran candidates can enjoy the simplicity of our VMET parser at no cost to build a resume-ready profile to share with recruiters.  Decision-makers have many products available to purchase. They can choose from our API, resume/VMET parser, and much more.

Our Trusted Partners

SkillMil partners with companies, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations to address the challenges our transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses face in the civilian job marketplace.


We share their ideas, mission, in-kind support, and more to continue to strengthen our veterans and military community. If you would like to help support our veterans' efforts during their transition out of service, consider partnering with us.


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Tel  (650) 308 8491

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