What is SkillMil.com?

Skillmil.com is a website that connects a veteran job seeker to a posted job that most closely matches the skills, training, & experience reflected in his/her resume.  Corporations seeking to hire vets, use this site to find the best-qualified candidates.


Can a non-veteran use SkillMil.com?

Yes, a non-veteran can enter their information using a very easy-to-use form to build their profile. They will have the same searching and matching capabilities as a veteran.


What is the Subscription Fee?

There is no subscription fee for veterans uploading their VMET, or MOS to Skillmil.com. You can create your profile and start jobseeking.


How does the SkillMil.com job-matching system work?

skillmil.com utilizes patented Software to map a candidate’s skills, training, and experience to the requirements of a posted job to skillmil.com. When a corporate hiring manager sees the match, they can message a candidate directly to initiate a hiring dialogue.

Does SkillMil.com sell my contact information to Google or other marketing companies?   

No.  We do not sell any of your information.


How does SkillMil.com help candidates pursue a variety of job options in my field of experience?

You don’t have to know what you’re looking for.  Employers will reach out to you if your skills match their requirements.

Does SkillMil.com only help candidates find full-time jobs?

Companies can post job openings on skillmil.com for either full-time or part-time requirements.


Does SkillMil.com only match me to jobs limited to my current location?

You can opt for jobs in any geographic area—or your current location.  It’s all up to you.

Does SkillMil.com keep my references in my file?  

Yes, all files uploaded to SkillMil are saved in a secured server—and only accessible by you.

How long does Skillmil.com keep my information on file?  

Skillmil.com does not keep your VMET on file. It is only used during the onboarding process to extract all the skills and information to build your profile.   Skillmil.com stores profile information in a secured server for as long as the account is active.


Can a job candidate use SkillMil.com again, if they already have a job through SkillMil.com, without an additional fee?  

Yes.  You control your profile.  Even if you’re not laid off, keep your profile updated in case a better opportunity comes along.


Can a candidate search for jobs posted on SkillMil.com?


Yes, A candidate merely clicks on ‘Job Search’, then ‘Advanced Search’, to apply various criteria to jobs posted on Skillmil.com


Who sees a candidate’s profile?


A profile is searchable and viewable by all recruiters or hiring managers of companies, which have partnered with SkillMil to hire qualified military veterans.


My profile is complete, but I am not receiving any job matches. What is wrong, and what should I do?   

Finding a job takes a lot of time.  The value of skillmil.com is that corporations seeking to hire veterans are specifically searching for skills you may have, at which point you will be contacted directly by the hiring manager.