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Jumpstart Your Career with our AI-Powered Resume Builder

At SkillMil, we understand that the transition from military service to the civilian workforce can be challenging. Your military experience is a valuable asset, but translating it into terms that resonate with civilian employers can be a daunting task.


That’s where SkillMil’s AI-powered resume builder and military skills translator comes in to help you shine.

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Why Choose SkillMil's
Resume Builder?

  • Precision and Clarity
    Our AI-driven technology specializes in articulating your skills, achievements, and work experiences into language that resonates with hiring managers. We ensure your resume highlights the qualifications that employers are specifically seeking.
  • Keyword Optimization
    In the digital age, keywords are key to getting your resume noticed. Our technology identifies the most relevant keywords for your target job, boosting your chances of passing through applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • ATS-Friendly Resumes
    Many companies use ATS to screen resumes. SkillMil ensures your resume is ATS-friendly, giving you a better chance of making it to the interview stage.
  • Expert Guidance
    Our team of resume reviewers and editors are here to guide you through the entire resume writing process. They have a deep understanding of the job markets and the unique needs of each job seeker that will help you craft a compelling resume that stands out.
  • Unique Career Story
    Your military experience makes you unique. SkillMil's resume editing services help you showcase your military skills and individuality, making you a standout candidate.
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How it Works

Sign Up

Create an account on SkillMil and choose our resume writing service.

Expert Review

Our team of resume experts reviews the AI-generated resume to ensure it captures your unique story.

Upload Your Information

Share your military background, achievements, and job preferences.

Receive Your Resume

You'll receive a polished, ATS-friendly resume ready to impress employers.

AI-Powered Analysis

Our advanced AI technology analyzes your information, identifies key skills, and tailors your resume accordingly.

Launch Your Civilian Career

Don't let your military experience go unnoticed in the civilian job market. Join SkillMil's community of job seekers who have used our AI-powered resume writing services to achieve their career goals. Your next adventure awaits, and SkillMil is here to help you seize it.

Ready to take the next step? Click the button below to get started on your journey to a fulfilling civilian career!

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Need help getting started?

No worries, we got you covered!  We've put together Demo Mode with a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the process.

Our Trusted Partners

SkillMil partners with companies, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations to address the challenges our transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses face in the civilian job marketplace.


We share their ideas, mission, in-kind support, and more to continue to strengthen our veterans and military community. If you would like to help support our veterans' efforts during their transition out of service, consider partnering with us.


Please email us at

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