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Help others build rewarding careers.
Get rewarded in return.

Help your audience discover how SkillMil can make the job search process faster and more empowering for them. 

Payment Details

Get rewarded for helping job seekers land their next big role. 

Empower job seekers in your network to build rewarding careers, and get rewarded in return. You will earn money for every upgrade and every sign up. Literally!

Become an affiliate

Apply for the SkillMil Affiliate Program to get your unique affiliate link.

Share SkillMil with
your network

Use your affiliate link in blog posts, social media, newsletters, and more. When hiring professionals sign up for SkillMil, you'll receive commission.

Earn commission

You'll earn commission whenever someone signs up for SkillMil through your link. 

How it works

Payment Details

Program guidelines

Who can apply?

We’re excited to work with individuals who are passionate about making the job search less painful for candidates.

If you’re part of an organization, university or educational program, or other brand that would like to partner with SkillMil, please reach out to and someone from our team will be in touch.

Please note: We don’t offer whitelisting of our products at this time, and we don’t yet have an integration that gives career coaches visibility into multiple clients’ Job Trackers or dashboards.

We don’t currently work with following types of affiliates or partners:

  • Coupon/deal

  • 3rd party email brokers

  • Paid search

  • Sub-affiliate networks

  • Rebrokered offers

  • Loyalty/cash back/incentivized traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

Your referral will not qualify for referral credit if the user:

  • Is already a SkillMil member

  • Self-referrals (referring yourself or your own organization)

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