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Department of Labor’s Transition Employment Assistance for Military Spouses

(TEAMS) Program

It’s not a secret that military spouses face unique barriers when looking at job

opportunities due to their necessary frequent moves, different requirement for

licensing on every state, and all of this prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep in

mind that many states support military spouses and offer license recognition

options by giving expedited applications, temporary licenses, or even a complete

license recognition.

TEAMS is a program that offers a curriculum to help military spouses meet their

career goals by offering training on employment essentials, focused on their

unique skills and conditions. TEAMS offer a two-hour workshop on how to use

marketing techniques to look for jobs and on networking opportunities. The

workshops utilized several recourses to make a plan for military spouses with their

job search adventure.

This program it’s a great opportunity as it will help military spouses on their job

search and give them essential courses and resources that are tailor to military

spouses living on base.

The initials courses offer:

1. Help with figuring out what your next move is as a military spouse

2. Career credentials

3. Resume essentials

4. Improving and learn about marketing roles

The courses are an estimate of 20 classes which include each a 30-minute

discussion group and a survey to leave your feedback. The classes are divided into

four modules that are tailor to provide specific information. The military spouses

could take one course or all at once. All the modules are available at different times

through the week to accommodate people in every time zone.

To register for these classes and get more information please visit

Side note: to check what opportunities each state offers for license recognition

please visit: and use the map option to

check each state policies.

Remember that the SkillMil platform is available for all military spouses. Go to today and fill out your profile.


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