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My Favorite Apps in 2022 - My Headway and Conquerer Virtual Challenge

I started 2022 with several goals, and I wanted to share two. I committed to 1000 miles and 300 summary books. Not a huge goal, but it was mine. I ended the year with 1362 miles and 318 books. I also used Audible for long-format books and didn't record every mile on my tracker, so it was a successful year for these two goals.

A friend recommended “The Conqueror Virtual Challenge” to me, and I must say, at first, I was skeptical. The idea of any virtual fitness challenge was not something I had ever thought of. It seemed corny, and I didn’t need a cheer team. I quickly found I liked the app, and I didn’t need to be in groups or forums but simply exercise and meet my personal goals. They do have many groups and social media outlets if those things interest you. Remember, goals are personal, and you decide how to reach them.

This isn't a sponsored post, so I don't have a discount code to share with you. I am passing along what I found to be helpful in 2022. My 2023 fitness challenge started yesterday. It's the "Route 66 Virtual Challenge" with a goal of 2,280 miles. As I did last year, this will be my challenge, but if you choose, you can have a virtual team to motivate you.

Your purchase will also go toward planting trees or stopping plastic bottles from entering the ocean. They have planted over 7 million trees and stopped over 15 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean. If you are interested in joining a challenge, click the link below.

Another one of my favorite apps in 2022 is My Headway. The simple explanation is the app provides overviews of books. Some books take 25 minutes, and some take 10 minutes. It’s a great to use while working out or just getting your day started. This app isn’t designed to go in-depth on any one subject, but it does give you a great overview of many topics. As you can see, I used it more than 99% of all users, so I enjoyed it!

Whatever 2023 goals you have, I’m sure there is an app, group, book, or some form of help you can find to accomplish them. Best of luck, and Happy New Year!

Thank you for your continued support of SkillMil.

2022 was a great year for us. We launched our free resume builder, launched an exciting job board, automated many of our processes, grew our Telehealth platform, grew our podcast following, and, most importantly, helped some great people find meaningful employment opportunities.

We look forward to another great year!


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