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Thanksgiving 2020: Saying Thank You From a Distance

We all know how important Thanksgiving is, as it represents love, gratitude, and time spent together with family and friends. It’s the one day each year that is dedicated to people gathering together, sharing a wonderful meal and having quality time with those you love. However, it can be very challenging for military members that are stationed far from their loved ones and families. This year could be the first time new members are away from home during this time, and spouses and children are facing celebrations with their loved one deployed.

According to tradition, military members stationed far from home may have their own ways of celebrating the day. For instance, senior leaders may serve dinner to junior members or members may go to a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by a local family. Depending on where they are, this could be an opportunity to share traditions if the service members are overseas.

It is without saying that this year will make holidays different for everyone, so trying to keep some things the same will be not only comforting but also good for everyone’s mental health. Having a typical holiday meal could be a major help and comfort to our veterans deployed far from home.

Shoutout to the DLA: We have a special thanks to give to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) who make it possible for U.S. service members to enjoy their traditional Thanksgiving meal. The DLA stated that the amount of food sent to our service members will cover all their needs! Fun fact: Even though there are fewer troops stationed abroad this year, the DLA sent 50% more shrimp this year than previous years.

To quote the DLA, “Our supply chain takes the holidays very seriously… our troops are far away from home, and they definitely look forward to this meal. Disappointing them is not an option.”

We are grateful that we have peace of mind knowing our service members will have a proper holiday meal, but we understand that it’s still hard to not be close to your family and in the coziness of your home. So, we want to give special thanks to these members during the holidays for their hard work and their dedication.

To the members able to be home during this holiday, we also want to thank you for your service and hope you have a wonderful time with family. This week is the time to be grateful for what we have, and find happiness during this difficult time we’re experiencing together. 2020 has not been easy, to say the least, but we will not let it take away these small, special moments. For our resilience and strength as a nation, we are grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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