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Wounded Heroes. Michael Gier's Look at Alternative Treatments for PTS.

On this episode of Diapers and Deployments Michael and Serena talk to guest Actor Michael Gier, Director and Producer of Documentary "Wounded Heroes." The story of his journey to find alternative treatments and programs is inspiring and includes stories of the many Veterans and 1st Responders he interviewed that overcame what seemed to be impossible.

His story is a message of Hope that anyone can live the life of their dreams no matter the obstacles or circumstances they're currently facing. Many battling Post-Traumatic Stress believe that it's a "life sentence" but as the film shows, that's not true. Wounded Heroes features Veterans that had lost hope but now have their lives back because their PTS is gone.

They went from contemplating suicide to living happy fulfilling lives.

Additionally Michael Gier and produced and directed "Healing the Heroes of 9-11”. Another award winning film. This one is sponsored by22Zero, a nonprofit organization that has helped thousands of Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders battling Post-Trauma Stress.

Watch the YouTube video or our interview above or listen below.

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