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3 Ways to Approach a Contact on Linkedin and Facebook about a Job

Often times, a job posting on your Linkedin or Facebook feed is from a close contact.. Here are three ways to reach out to a close contact that will help you stand out.

  • Send a personable direct message. Begin with a brief inquiry as to why you’re contacting them. People are pressed for time, though. Avoid lengthy introductions or descriptions of your latest adventures. Tell them how you would be a good match or solve a pain point. Then, close with a sincere thank you and provide a few ways you can be reached.

  • Give them a phone call. Yes! Leave a voice recording in either voicemail or an audio text. Chances are your close contact would like to hear from you if you haven’t spoken for awhile. Same as above, tell why you're reaching out.

  • Send a short video. This is a fairly new approach but if you’re comfortable in front of the camera, give it a try! Make yourself business presentable, position yourself in front of a good light source (window, halo light, etc) and record a quick message inquiring about the position and how you're a good match. Make it brief and review it before you send it out.

Also, be personable and professional. It’s always a good idea to be sincere without getting too personal or pushy.


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