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Christy McGinity "Little Women: LA" talks reality television and her new role as a Recovery Coach

Actress of Little Women LA, Christy McGinity joins the Diapers and Deployments team and she is hilarious! She is currently working as a Recovery Coach, bringing strength and hope to others. Being 12 years #sober herself, she knows the trials and tribulations of someone on the path of #recovery. You won't want to miss the chance to laugh with Michael, Serena and Christy on this lighthearted episode of Diapers & Deployments. Watch the interview portion below.

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Michael (00:00):

Serena do it.

Serena (00:01):

It today. We have Christy McGinity, actress and recovery coach with us. Welcome to the show, Christy.

Christy (00:08):

Hello. Hello.

Michael (00:09):

Yeah. Now, wait a minute. I thought your last name was Gibel. Is that a sore subject?

Christy (00:11):

No, no, no, no.

Michael (00:11):

No, no, no. Why?

Christy (00:11):

That was three years ago. Divorced.

Michael (00:22):

Oh, that'll do it every time.

Christy (00:24):

Yeah. Yeah.

Michael (00:24):

You know what though? I'm keeping my last name when I get divorced.

Christy (00:27):


Michael (00:31):

So we're going to jump right in and talk about your show. Of course, I'm sure a lot of our listeners want to hear. Reality show. What's real? What's not real?

Christy (00:39):


Michael (00:39):

But tell us a little bit about your show because I haven't watched it. Serena's watched it of course, but-

Christy (00:45):

Okay, well COVID killed it. So let's just talk about that.

Michael (00:48):

Oh, God.

Christy (00:48):

But it gave me a platform to talk to all you all about things that are important to me. But let me give you a little synopsis of the show. It was supposed to be a docu-series, which I was all totally for, and they were going to follow us into our homes and we were going to have this peaceful show. And it just ended up being this crappy house wives show. I shouldn't say that.

Serena (01:13):

Well, tell everybody, tell our listeners what the name of it was.

Christy (01:15):

It was called Little Women LA. It was on Lifetime. We were on eight seasons in the United States and one in Puerto Rico. And yeah, it was bad.

Michael (01:25):

Was it?

Christy (01:25):


Michael (01:29):

Wait a minute. If it was on eight seasons, it must have been good. People watched it.

Christy (01:32):

I remained sober. I do not know how, the whole show.

Serena (01:36):

Were you on all eight seasons?

Christy (01:39):

Yes. And these bitches were always drinking. Am I allowed to say that?

Michael (01:45):

Oh yeah. You can say anything you want.

Serena (01:46):


Christy (01:48):

Okay, good. Okay. And they were always drinking and they encouraged it and we couldn't leave until there was a fight. So it sucked.

Michael (01:57):

My God. I'm so sorry to hear that.

Serena (01:58):

Oh my gosh.

Michael (01:58):


Christy (01:58):

It was bad.

Michael (02:01):

Well, it had to have some fun parts, right?

Christy (02:03):

You know what? No.

Serena (02:05):

Okay. So how did you get started with this? How did it come about?

Christy (02:09):

Okay. SI've been in it since I was 19. Some of my friends, they're little people, they're like, "Let's do a pilot." And I'm like, "No, I'm not doing a pilot with you." "Let's do a pilot." And I'm like, "I've been in so many pilots. They just never go anywhere."

Serena (02:22):


Christy (02:23):

And that's typical Hollywood talk.

Serena (02:25):


Christy (02:25):

And so we did this sloppy pilot on a handheld in someone's house and we pitched it to a production company and they pitched it to network. And there was nine work networks that bid on our show. And I really didn't think of anything. Otherwise, I would've been an executive producer. I would've pushed it, but I didn't. Yeah, it was miserable. Yeah. It was absolutely miserable.

Michael (02:49):

So they follow you around pretty much 24 hours a day, right?

Christy (02:52):

A lot. And it was like... Toward the beginning, it was like eight episodes. And that was one season a year. And then it turned into two seasons a year, like 20 episodes. So it was constant filming. 14 hour days. It was extremely exhausting. I got married and divorced on the show. It was awful. Found out the guy was only after me for my money. And you know what? He took it all with my divorce. So-

Michael (03:18):

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Christy (03:20):

It's fine. You know what?

Michael (03:21):

You're happy, right?

Christy (03:22):

I'm happy. I'm free.

Serena (03:24):

That's all that matters.

Michael (03:26):

You know what, you brought up something. People think that when you're on reality television, you're rich, right? Does it pay well?

Christy (03:31):

Oh, they think I'm so rich. And I'm like, "No, I am poor."

Michael (03:38):

All right, guys, if you're listening, she's not going to be a sugar mama.

Christy (03:41):

Okay. So no, I'm not a sugar mama, but let me just tell you this. I think wealth comes within.

Michael (03:46):


Christy (03:46):

It's your family. It's your friends. It's your connections. It's your network. I have lost money during the subprime market crash. I have made it back. I've lost money with this divorce. I'm on the verge of making it back. I'm in the middle of writing my book. I have a ton of projects with something that we're working on.

Michael (04:06):

Yes. That we can't say right now.

Christy (04:08):

Yeah. We can't say right now.

Serena (04:10):

And to the listeners, I'm in the dark too. So this is a AB conversation and I'm not in it.

Christy (04:18):

Yes. And there's just a lot of going on. And I think you have to really manifest what you want. And before, I wasn't driving my own vehicle and I wasn't putting the trust in my higher power and the universe. And the moment you just let that go and you put all your energy in meditation and praying and just giving it up and letting it go is when things start happening for you.

Michael (04:48):

Well, Serena's the reality television person, not me. So she probably has way more questions than I do.

Serena (04:53):

Well, I mean, I do love reality TV. It's kind of sickening. My whole family's like, oh my God, do we have to watch this stuff? But I get sucked in and I can't help it.

Christy (05:01):

So a little secret, it's not scripted, but it is edited to the max.

Serena (05:06):

So I-

Christy (05:10):

They can film you for 14 hours.

Serena (05:10):


Christy (05:11):

It could be one scene and they can take this part to this part. They can use your voice here. Use your voice there. You have no clue-

Serena (05:22):


Christy (05:22):

... what that scene is actually going to be about.

Serena (05:25):


Michael (05:25):

That's what scares me.

Serena (05:26):

Well, that's what happened with our family. That's what happened with the pilot that was filmed for my family's business. So we have a family business here in Kansas City, a Western store and it's run by... My mom and dad own one store and it's run with my brother and one other employee and now myself, and then the other store is my aunt and uncle and my cousins. And so we had somebody come to us, wanting to do a Western reality show about us. And it was so much filming... The pilot was so much filming and then it was almost scripted together to be dramatic, even though there was absolutely no drama whatsoever.

Christy (06:04):

So dramatic.

Serena (06:05):


Christy (06:06):

We got to the point where like, who's going to start the fight so we can go home.

Serena (06:10):

Right. And that's what... So we-

Christy (06:10):

And that's how it was.

Serena (06:12):

And that's what my family was like. We can't do this. When the pilot was pitched to whoever, whatever networks, and then the specific networks that were interested in it were ones that we knew were going to be not great. They were the ones that wanted the drama and we were like, that's not going to be good. And we're a family name in our city. And that wasn't the kind of publicity we were looking for.

Christy (06:36):


Serena (06:36):

So I see what you're saying. I mean, I was never a part of the filming, but I would talk to my family at night and they were like, this is not what was going on that day or whatever, but it makes it look like it. So it was weird.

Christy (06:49):

That little voice in your head, you're like, "Is this right? Is this wrong? Is this right? Is this wrong?"

Serena (06:54):


Christy (06:56):

And you're so tired. And you're filming all the time. It just gets confusing.

Serena (06:59):


Michael (06:59):

Well, if anyone ever invites me to Maury, I'm not going. I'm just letting you know. If somebody's pregnant.

Serena (07:07):

Is he still on? He's not even on the TV anymore, I don't think.

Christy (07:08):

I don't think so.

Michael (07:08):

I don't know. If you go to-

Christy (07:10):

I don't watch TV very much so I don't know.

Michael (07:12):

If you went to Jerry Springer, you were getting a fight. If you went to Maury, you're having a baby.

Serena (07:16):


Michael (07:18):

Well, okay. So we move past the reality TV, which is awesome. But now, I know me and you, when we met last Friday, what peaked my interest, first of all, you're funny as hell. You're awesome to talk to. We talk about veterans and the struggles veterans have with addiction.

Christy (07:34):


Michael (07:34):

So that leaves us up to what she does now. And that's really why you're on the show is to talk about what you do now and what brought you to that point.

Christy (07:41):

I just try to bring experience, strength, and hope to people that don't want to actually go into a room of AA. There's other options. There's other venues. I think you can go the God route; you can go to AA route; or you can go the recovery coach route. And I think there's other options too. And recovery comes in so many vast ways. It's not just abstinence, there's other versions of recovery. And so I teach that more intimately with people. The first thing is when people realize they have a problem, that's the first step. Hey, I drink or I take too many of these pills. What do you suggest I do? And so, you work it from there, whether they go the professional route, whether they need treatment in a facility to detox, or whatnot.

Michael (08:34):

I was listening to a podcast on Ron White. Everyone knows Ron White, and he's always got scotch in his hand. He's been sober for almost two years. He said, one day he just woke up and looked at... He said, "I looked at my neighbor who's the same age as me and was like, damn, this guy's old." He was done. And he was known for drinking. That was his thing.

Serena (08:51):


Christy (08:52):

Alcohol does age you. It does. And so that's another thing. It rots your insides. It slows your mental growth. There's just so much. It destroys families.

Michael (09:12):

Mm-hmm. Well, and a lot of family members and cousins and friends back home and that... Pain medication. Addicted to pain medication. And that-

Christy (09:21):

That's really big. The opioid issue right now is crazy.

Michael (09:24):

Everywhere. Everywhere you-

Christy (09:25):


Michael (09:26):

Small town America is riddled with opioid addiction. And I'm no expert or anything. But I always say, when you lose hope, that's it. And a lot of those small towns with the economies drying up, they lose hope. And it's so easy to get the pain medication.

Christy (09:41):

And opioid detox is really scary.

Michael (09:45):


Christy (09:46):

And I don't suggest anybody do it alone. If they need help. There are a lot of... Here's the national hotline for people with substance abuse. It's 1-800-662-HELP. That's 1-800-662-4357.

Michael (10:05):

One thing you said really sticks out in my mind is that every path is different and you didn't say it that way, but that's what you meant. You don't know if you need to go into rehab or maybe you just need to talk to a friend or maybe you're the kind of person that doesn't need to talk to anybody. You need to go on a retreat for a week and just get in touch with your own feelings.

Christy (10:23):


Michael (10:23):

Every person is an experiment of one.

Christy (10:25):

Is different. Mm-hmm.

Michael (10:26):

So, I think... And I think deep down, you know what it takes for your own personal recovery. That's my personal feeling.

Christy (10:34):

Exactly. I think if you have DTs though, that's an indication that you're going to have seizures.

Michael (10:37):

Oh, yeah. That's no good.

Christy (10:39):

And then you need to detox out of a professional... Around doctors. I had DTs and I had tried to do it myself and I had two grand mal seizures. The longest one was two minutes. The doctor looked at me and said, I've never seen any woman, let alone a little person go through that many seizures in that short of time, and that length. You are lucky. You're lucky that you're alive. So yeah.

Michael (11:07):

Well, I'm glad you made it through and God bless you for everything you're doing to help people.

Christy (11:11):

God left me here for a reason.

Serena (11:13):

Yeah. Congratulations on your sobriety. That's a really big deal.

Christy (11:16):

Thank you. Thanks.

Michael (11:17):

Yeah. Me and Serena do a drink of the week after every podcast and now I'm going to feel guilty about it.

Christy (11:21):


Michael (11:21):

I won't.

Christy (11:23):

I don't mind being around it. I don't. It's fine.

Michael (11:26):

Yeah. You did eight seasons with people. Drunk bitches, as you called them.

Christy (11:29):

Drunk bitches. Yep. For sure.

Michael (11:36):

Well, I don't know, man. Me and Serena probably drink too much. I'm speaking for her.

Serena (11:41):

I mean, do you know that a... The other day at work, I was so annoyed with everybody, not the customers, but just my coworkers and they-

Michael (11:49):

The family, Serena. They're your family.

Serena (11:50):

My family. They call it a "hard R" when I roll my eyes out of my skull at them, and this customer was like, "Do you need a beer?" And I was like, "Yes, I do." He's like, "I've got some in my truck." And I was like, "I'm this tempted to take him on it." I was like, "No, I'm not going to." Even though it was really almost 5:00. And I was like, I'll push through.

Michael (12:10):

Hey, 5:00, that's the key.

Serena (12:11):


Michael (12:13):

So you said, now another thing is, you're not on here to sponsor any website or this recovery. You said you do because you want to do it for the right reason. And you just like to help people.

Christy (12:23):

Yes. I mean, public speaking, obviously I'm going more into the bigger realm.

Michael (12:28):


Christy (12:29):

And I will be starting to make more. So far, I only helped one couple that paid me. I really didn't learn... I didn't do the education for monetary purposes.

Serena (12:42):


Christy (12:42):

It was-

Michael (12:43):

Well, I'm going to tell you something a business person taught me. And it really stuck with me. When they said, "There's no margin, there's no mission." And that means you can want to help all the people in the world, but in the end, the more money you make, the more people you can help.

Christy (13:00):


Michael (13:00):

And that's a sad reality, but it's true.

Christy (13:04):

It is true. It is true. And I'm learning that the hard way.

Michael (13:07):

Me too, trust me. Because I love helping people, but-

Christy (13:11):

Me too.

Michael (13:13):

... one of me can't help as many people as if you get a team of people and you can pay them.

Christy (13:18):


Michael (13:19):

So, is there a website that people can go to now to book you for public speaking or you haven't gotten that far yet?

Christy (13:26):

You could just go online to my Instagram. Yeah. I'm just not there yet.

Michael (13:31):

That's okay.

Christy (13:32):

I'm building it.

Serena (13:32):

What's your Instagram?

Christy (13:36):

My Instagram is @LilChristyRocks. It's @L-I-L, Christy, C-H-R-I-S-T-Y, Rocks, R-O-C-K-S.

Michael (13:47):

Now do you-

Serena (13:48):

Wait a minute. I need that again. L-I-L.

Christy (13:51):

L-I-L, Christy, C-H-R-I-S-T-Y, Rocks, R-O-C-K-S. I never changed it. That was my first thing. And I was like, you know what, I'm just going to be my authentic self and just-

Serena (14:02):

I'm going to follow you right now.

Christy (14:04):

There we go. And then I'll follow you back.

Serena (14:05):


Michael (14:06):

Yeah. Follow me, girl. I don't really do Instagram.

Serena (14:11):

Well, I tag you in it all the time.

Michael (14:13):

I know.

Christy (14:13):

You know what I noticed, because I just turned 45, and a lot of people in their mid 40s don't do Instagram so much. They do more Facebook. And then people in their 35, 40s are more Instagram. So when I say Instagram to people that are my age, they're like, what?

Michael (14:33):

Why not TikTok?

Christy (14:35):

Well, everybody does TikTok.

Serena (14:38):

Listen, I don't want to do any of them. But with the store-

Christy (14:41):

It's a big thing.

Serena (14:42):

... with the store, we have to do Instagram and TikTok and all that because the Reels, we have to promote the business and whatever.

Christy (14:48):


Serena (14:48):

And I feel like the oldest dinosaur on earth, trying to make TikToks and Reels. I'm like-

Christy (14:56):

Yeah, I-

Serena (14:56):

This is like another full time job.

Christy (14:58):

Yeah. It is. It is. The editing sucks.

Serena (15:01):


Christy (15:01):

I hate it.

Serena (15:03):

My brother will be like, "Here. I got all this new merchandise, make a video for TikTok." And I'm like, "That is literally going to take me five hours. I need..." It takes forever.

Michael (15:12):

Oh my God. They're 30 seconds. How can it take that long?

Christy (15:13):


Serena (15:14):

Trust me.

Christy (15:15):

You have to edit it.

Serena (15:15):


Christy (15:15):

The colors right.

Serena (15:18):

Make sure the sounds match up.

Christy (15:21):

Exactly. And if you're outside, the sun match... It's awful. Yeah.

Serena (15:25):


Michael (15:26):

So, Christy, when are we going to see you on a Ted Talk?

Christy (15:28):

Oh, I was talking to Dan about that. Maybe. I think he said-

Michael (15:31):


Christy (15:31):

... in the fall.

Michael (15:33):

We have a connection. Right?

Christy (15:34):


Michael (15:35):

I, too, may do a Ted Talk. What do you think?

Christy (15:39):

I was telling him, "It's on my bucket list to do Ted Talk." He's like, "Got it."

Michael (15:46):

That's all you have to say. And oh, one more question before I get off here-

Serena (15:50):

And I have a question too.

Michael (15:52):

Her too. But what is considered politically correct now? Is it little person?

Christy (15:56):


Michael (15:57):


Christy (15:58):

Little person. Dwarf.

Michael (16:03):

Is dwarf politically correct?

Christy (16:03):

Yes. Think about it. It's a medical terminology. Dwarfism.

Michael (16:06):

There's a lot of medical terminologies we can't use anymore, just so we're clear. I can't call someone a woman.

Christy (16:12):

Well, in my world you can say it. My type of Dwarfism is achondroplasia, which is the most common type.

Michael (16:20):


Christy (16:21):

I don't care. But just don't use the M word. That's the only thing. But Dwarf, Dwarfism, little person. I guess, little person. Short statured. You know what? There's people with chips on the shoulders, so no matter what you call them, they're going to be like-

Michael (16:35):

I agree. I never-

Serena (16:36):

And that's everybody.

Michael (16:38):

Yeah. I never want to be offensive. But sometimes I do it, not to be offensive, just people get offended for any reason.

Christy (16:44):

I think the best way to do it is ask. That's the best thing-

Serena (16:47):


Christy (16:47):

... to do. And things change all the time. My girlfriend, she's like, "I am not black." And I'm like, "Oh my God, I don't know what to say."

Michael (16:59):

Hold on. Hold on.

Christy (17:00):

[inaudible 00:17:02].

Michael (17:04):

What is she?

Christy (17:05):

She's like, "I'm colored." And I'm like, "I thought that was wrong."

Serena (17:08):

Yeah. I thought that was wrong.

Christy (17:11):

Yeah. But now you can call gay people queer. And that was totally wrong 10 years ago. So what is right and what is wrong?

Serena (17:18):


Christy (17:18):

I'm just going to call people by their name. How about that? We don't need a list-

Serena (17:21):


Christy (17:21):

... thank you very much.

Serena (17:22):

I just wish everybody could have their name on their back of their phone because everybody's always holding their phone. So then I could see their name and that's what I could just call them.

Christy (17:31):

Exactly. How do you describe a person?

Serena (17:34):

He's an asshole.

Christy (17:35):

Short statured.

Michael (17:39):

Short statured. Height impaired.

Christy (17:41):

Built like a brick shit house.

Michael (17:47):

Oh. I like that one.

Serena (17:47):

Oh my gosh.

Michael (17:49):

All right. So miss shit house.

Christy (17:50):


Michael (17:50):

Serena has one more question.

Serena (17:51):

Yeah. I just wanted to know if you could give us any details about your book. What it's about? Is that up for discussion, or no?

Christy (18:01):

Okay. So I think it's going to be a mix of my life with helping people not do the same mistakes I did.

Serena (18:08):

Is it autobiography? Self-help?

Christy (18:09):

Yes. Autobiography. Self-help.

Serena (18:11):


Christy (18:11):

There's going to be areas where you can write notes.

Serena (18:14):

Oh, cool.

Christy (18:15):

What not to do. Don't do this.

Michael (18:18):

I should write a book like that. I had a whole life of that.

Christy (18:20):

Don't get held up by... I'm so excited. Guess what I'm doing this Monday.

Michael (18:29):

What are you doing Monday?

Christy (18:31):

Okay. So I did gastric sleeve surgery and I have loads of skin and they're finally.

Serena (18:39):

On Monday?

Michael (18:41):


Serena (18:41):

Oh my gosh. Congratulations.

Michael (18:44):

She's already sexy, Serena. It's just going to get worse.

Serena (18:47):

Well, now that I'm following you, I'm assuming you're going to post about it, right?

Christy (18:52):


Michael (18:52):

You make me nervous when you make that... Right.

Serena (18:54):

Well, that's what they do.

Christy (18:55):

They're going to pull and cut, pull and cut.

Serena (18:55):


Michael (18:58):

It's nervous for a man to say those words.

Serena (19:00):

I like watching those reality shows too.

Christy (19:02):

Get this. I'm not going to be put under. They're just giving me a local.

Serena (19:06):

Excuse me?

Michael (19:08):


Serena (19:10):

How does that even work?

Christy (19:12):

Girl, it's new technology.

Serena (19:14):

Whoa. That's like colonoscopy. You don't really go under.

Michael (19:18):

That would scare the hell out of me.

Christy (19:21):

And if it does good, I'm going to get my boobs done too.

Serena (19:22):

You go girl.

Michael (19:24):

I'll be looking on Instagram for that shit right there.

Christy (19:26):

Hey, single, ready to mingle, with a new body. Bam.

Serena (19:33):

So now you're going to get on Instagram?

Michael (19:34):


Serena (19:35):

There's so many boobs on Instagram.

Michael (19:37):

Are there? What the hell? What am I missing?

Christy (19:38):

Worth it.

Michael (19:40):

Well, listen, I am a 31 year sailor. So I will give you a professional opinion.

Christy (19:46):


Serena (19:46):


Michael (19:50):

It don't get much more professional than that, Serena.

Serena (19:53):

I know it doesn't.

Christy (19:56):


Michael (19:56):

Me and Serena will talk with you all night. I got one more question.

Christy (19:59):


Michael (19:59):

I want you to tell me the story about the airplane that you told me of the boy, when you were sleeping with your mouth open and the boy was-

Serena (20:05):

Oh my gosh.

Michael (20:06):

... trying to take a picture of you because he knew you were from the show or something.

Serena (20:12):

My mom sleeps with their mouth open and she always says, when we're on an airplane, "If I start to sleep, wake me up because I don't want people staring down my throat."

Christy (20:18):

I'm a mouth breather. And I just don't... Maybe because I have such a small nose. I don't now. Anyways, I was like... And the guy was like this. I'm like, "You can just ask me permission. Ask me."

Michael (20:40):

We'll take a picture.

Serena (20:40):

Oh my gosh.

Christy (20:40):

And I did a whole video montage on... We got stuck on the plane for two hours. They said, "Sorry, we need to fix one latch." 20 minutes later, dong. "We have a full panel to fix." I'm like, a panel? "It's going to be an hour." Dong. "The whole navigational system broke. And there's a new one on the other side of the-"

Serena (21:08):


Christy (21:09):

"Airport. We're bringing it out. We have to reinstall it." And I was thinking, do I get off the airplane?

Serena (21:15):


Christy (21:16):

No air conditioning. They turned it off. No wifi. We were all sweating.

Serena (21:22):


Christy (21:22):

Get this, this was on the way to Pantai Goa because we're going to-

Michael (21:27):

Our meeting.

Christy (21:27):

Our meeting thingy. And yeah, I just made videos. It was just fun. I was like, I just might as well make a lot of content and watch people lose their shit. It happened. There was screaming kids, people getting in fights. It was fun.

Michael (21:46):

I love it.

Christy (21:46):

I had fun.

Michael (21:46):

It sounds like a good time.

Christy (21:46):

It was great. I made the best of it.

Michael (21:47):

See. And that's what life is all about. Making the best.

Christy (21:51):


Michael (21:52):

Well, I want to thank you personally for coming on. I knew it would be fun, after meeting you last Friday. You're such fun to be around and I will give you a professional opinion in about two months after you get done with all the work that you're doing there.

Christy (22:05):

Oh, thank you.

Michael (22:08):

It's the least I could do.

Christy (22:10):

Just, now I don't have to roll it up.

Michael (22:12):

Oh God. You are beautiful as you are, but I can't wait to see the new you from the inside and the out, it sounds like.

Christy (22:21):

Thank you. Yeah, I'm doing all around self-love, self-help, and writing my book and hopefully I can help others.

Serena (22:29):


Christy (22:30):

I try.

Michael (22:30):

I'll tell you about self-love on a submarine on some other show.

Serena (22:33):

Oh my God.

Christy (22:37):

Yes, sir.


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