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Going to a Doctor’s Office is Horrible so Why Go?

Did you know that over 70% of low acuity illness can be handled in minutes via your computer or phone?

We all know kid’s only get sick late at night, during school hours, or when you have plans. Well, at least that’s what is seems like. I can’t count the number of times I had to sit in an Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center for hours just to get basic medicine.

I would also like to have all the time back I spent driving to school and then to a doctor's visit where I would sit and wait, because the doctor is ALWAYS behind, only to be given a prescription. All of this could have been handled by a quick telehealth appointment.

Telehealth is simply the use of communication technology for health care delivery. The days of going to an office for all your health care needs are over. I have personally used telehealth for 90% of my VA appointments. I LOVE IT. My doctor is an hour away, I get back two hours of my day by getting rid of my commute, plus whatever time I would have spent in the waiting room.

The pandemic has accelerated what the medical world has been trying to do for years. We were forced to look at regulations, billing, remote patient monitoring, videoconferencing patient consultations, and managing HIPPA compliance on personal computers. The push to keep people out of in-person contact with other patients has revolutionized the way we receive health care.

My family now has access to telemedicine 24/7. This means my wife and children won’t need to spend most of the day away from work and school. I no longer pay for co-pays, sit in waiting rooms with other sick people, or figure out when and how to make an appointment miles away.

Once I saw the benefits of using telehealth for my own needs, I knew all Veterans and family would benefit from the same type of system.

At SkillMil we have always focused on the active military, Veteran community, and the families.

We are proud and excited to announce SkillMil Family of Services!

Our first service is Telehealth for Veterans and family members.

Don’t wait until your traveling and need a quick prescription filled or it’s 0100 and your child has a fever. Sign up today and know that you and your family have 24/7 access to a board-certified Doctor via your phone or computer.

Visit Thank you from our SkillMil family for your continued support.


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