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Great Moving Advice and I Followed Almost None Of It During My Many Moves

A house move is full of many critical decisions, so we put together a list of things to keep in mind when making this change in your life. Just because my moves where full of chaos and stress doesn't mean yours needs to be. If your organized then read on. If your not then skip this article, call a moving company, and strap in for a "fun" move.

Let’s start for what you should be doing:

· Start the move preparations as early as you can to give yourself a good head-start and a better chance to finish on time.

· Follow a moving checklist to organize your time in the best possible way. Prioritize all tasks in your moving timeline.

· Decide if you are hiring movers or moving yourself. Factor in the move distance, and your previous relocation experience to make an informed decision.

· Request in-home cost estimates from several top-rated moving companies, don’t settle with the first one you find, do a bit of research. Learn the moving price in advance to set your budget accordingly.

· Select a good mover by comparing the quotes you get. Make sure you are checking their licensing information and reading online reviews about their services.

· Book your mover as soon as you’ve made your choice. Remember that reputable, experienced, and affordable movers get reserved fast.

· Do an inventory of your entire home to know the type and quantity of all the household items you have for moving. Some people will do a comprehensive video for their records and some just the valuable items.

· Declutter your home and get rid of any items you won’t ever need again. Sell, give away or donate all unwanted things.

· Maybe it’s time for a fun garage sale! Organize a profitable garage sale to earn some fresh cash from all the items you won’t be moving to the new home.

· Save money by acquiring cardboard boxes without paying for them. Get free moving boxes from friends or local retail stores.

· Prepare a few essentials boxes filled with super-important things to help you survive until you have your “normal” household items delivered.

· Secure the right type and quantity of packing materials in advance so that you don’t interrupt the packing process later on.

· Label all moving boxes for easier identification after the move. Mark down their content, destination room, and special handling instructions, if any.

· Change your postal address with the USPS to keep receiving your mail. You can do this online, in person, by phone or by mail.

· Transfer or change your household utilities: power, water, gas, phone, cable TV, etc. Arrange for their reconnection at the new home.

· If you have furry family members, take your pets to the vet for a medical checkup before the relocation trip and discuss the need for anti-anxiety medications, especially if you’re flying to your destination. Talk to your veterinarian to see what permissions or vaccinations your pet may need for the travel and for the new home (some States require different vaccinations).

· Wear appropriate clothes and fitting shoes that will give you the comfort and safety you need on the day of the move.

· Find time to say goodbye to your dear friends. Maybe now is the time to throw a farewell party.

· Have a final check around the home to make sure all windows and doors are secure and that nothing important is left behind.

Ok you did your checklist and feel ready for the big day, but always keep in mind the don’ts of moving:

· Don’t lose precious time by doing things without a clear plan of action. Organize a perfect move by following a good moving timeline.

· If moving yourself packing all day then getting on the road can be dangerous, have planned stops to minimize being that tired driver! Have a trusted friend, bring them along.

· Don’t accept cost estimates from movers over the phone or via e-mail. The only way to get accurate quotes is after on-site surveys.

· Don’t accept a quote that is way cheaper than the rest because it may happen to be a fraudulent estimate from dishonest movers. Beware of scams!!

· Don’t postpone the beginning of the packing task. “I’ll start packing tomorrow” can get you in all sorts of troubles come Moving day.

· Don’t pack and move all of your belongings without sorting them out first. The shipment weight will determine how much you pay in the end.

· Don’t skimp on padding materials (packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.) when packing extra-fragile items such as dishes.

· Don’t pack items that are forbidden for transport. Moving companies won’t move hazardous items that are flammable, explosive, corrosive or perishable.

· Don’t hire professional packers unless you own specialty items, or you don’t have enough time. Packing by yourself can save you money.

· Don’t sign any paperwork you don’t fully understand or blank documents and ask your mover for clarification.

· Don’t entrust any valuable items to your movers, no matter how trustworthy those movers seem. Keep your valuables with you at all times.

· Don’t move your large and heavy furniture unless it is antique or has sentimental value. Often, it’ll be cheaper to buy new furniture.

· Don’t lift and carry heavy items without using proper moving equipment. Safety first!

· Don’t move valuable or expensive items without purchasing extra moving insurance. Speak with your moving company about your insurance options.

·Don’t move out without obtaining the medical records from your family physician, as well as the documents for registering with a new doctor.


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