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Manufacturing and Skilled Labor Jobs Coming Home!

Manufacturing and Skilled Labor Jobs Coming Home!

In recent months there has been an increasing demand for manufacturing jobs in the United States. Even before the current global pandemic created a necessity for more domestically produced, America was faced with a skilled labor shortage. Some estimates have over 5 million jobs available that require skills Americans do not have. Currently many citizens are out of work and looking for employment and this explains why many employers are still reporting that they are unable to find qualified candidates to fill crucial positions.

These companies are seeking individuals with technical skills, general aptitude, and an interest in emerging technologies. The production of many modern products requires a high degree of specialization. For example, products such as smartphones and medical equipment require a unique specialization to create them. Their design and manufacturing process require specific training and proficiencies for their production.

The manufacturing industry can serve as a viable and rewarding career path. As the demand for these types of careers expands, this is the time to take advantage of an opportunity. Many industries are offering attractive incentives to draw in potential employees. For instance, industries may offer apprenticeships and external/internal training resources. In fact, because many of these corporations are struggling to fill positions, employers are often providing advanced training for the specialized skil lsets required to manufacture their products.

One of these apprenticeships could kick-start your next career path in an industry. Apprenticeships are paid positions with the main goal of education and skills-training for entry-level employees or professionals changing careers. These positions may combine classes with hands-on training, and they may even offer credentials or certifications at the end of the training. Companies offering apprenticeships are invested in teaching their employees the skills required, and you can benefit from this experience to further develop your skills while making income. These programs are great for our Veterans.

If you are interested but they do not offer apprenticeships, consider asking your current employer for other training opportunities. If you already have experience or skills in a certain area, many companies may also offer “reskilling” training to provide updated knowledge necessary for current employment.

External training may also be a good resource if you want to hone your skills before applying to manufacturing jobs. There are many websites that offer courses to enhance your skills, such as digital production training. A few examples below:

A manufacturing career may sound intimidating, or you may worry that you’re not qualified to do work on modern technologies. However, most companies are currently willing to train and support employees to fill their expanding employment needs. Many of them are willing to offer you the education and on-the-job training you need in order to be successful (see: Furthermore, you will most likely develop skills and proficiencies that will aid you in being successful in the industry long-term and increase how employable you are. Many companies work hard to retain their knowledgeable workers once they have invested training resources in them, as well. If you are looking for a rewarding career, change of employment, or are in need of income now could be the perfect time to consider applying for a position in this industry.

Military members also have a unique opportunity to use SkillBridge.

From “Any rank, enlisted or officer, may apply for SkillBridge. SkillBridge permits you to use up to the last 180 days of Service to train and learn with an industry partner. During SkillBridge participation you continue to receive military compensation and you are covered by your military benefits. Release for SkillBridge is always mission-dependent and your unit Commander must authorize participation prior to entering into any agreement with interested industry employment partners.

There are many industry partners with opportunities in a variety of fields, such as energy, information technology, manufacturing, retail, transportation, civil service and more. These industry partners have developed SkillBridge programs for separating Service members because they value your expertise, dedication and service.”

This is a great program so do your research and see if it is right for you!

SkilMil recently signed a deal with a great manufacturing company, SOTA (State Of The Art Manufacturing). SOTA MFG is an American manufacturing, engineering, and design company that works in aerospace, medical, oil & gas, and defense. This business is veteran owned and operated. They currently have openings for CNC Operators in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They are looking to expand north and are also looking at SkillBridge opportunities. If you are interested in learning more please sent an email to Subj: line SOTA. If you are ready to apply for a job then visit

SOTA is just one example of the many companies that love hiring our veterans. If you’re a veteran, please visit today and fill out your profile. If you are an employer and are looking for the very best trained people in the world then visit us today and inquire about our database of veterans who are standing by and ready to work!




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