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Military Life: Change Jobs and Change Families

I’m not sure the average person will understand how close we get to community members each time the military moves us to a new location. I just lost a neighbor and must inform my daughters that they lost an uncle. This neighbor wasn’t really an uncle but he was closer than many real family members. Don’t get me wrong, I love my real family. We are not usually stationed near our biological family and “adopt” community members. My children are 12 hours away from their grandparents and that’s the closest we have been in 12 years. They have called many neighbors Uncle and MiMi and cousin. I’m sure this is true for most military families. Each time we move we become close to people. They become family. This is especially true during an overseas move. I have seen the best in people my whole life. No matter the color of their skin, their economic background, or their religious beliefs, people all over the world are part of my family and have treated my children as if they were part of theirs. I have always been told you can’t pick your family. That may be true for most but military members get to pick a new family about every three years. I attend barbeques, weddings, and parties with my military family far more than my biological family so it is normal to be emotionally connected and have the same love for them. It’s time to pick up my baby girl from school and I am full of dread. I swear it’s like telling her she lost a grandparent. Please share your “adopted family” stories. The world needs to hear how great our communities really are!!!!!


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