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They Graduated College! What about Medical?

TRICARE Young Adult

Once your children graduate college they need a job fast and health care even faster. One accident without coverage can ruin your child's financial future quick. Tricare does offer an option.

The TRICARE young adult program it’s the alternative for people 21 or older (or 23 if they are enrolled in college) when their TRICARE coverage ends.

For qualification you have to be unmarried, be the “adult child” (21 or older) of an eligible sponsor (Active duty, retired service members, activated Guard and Reserve members, Non-activated Guard and Reserve member using TRICARE reserves select, retired Guard and Reserve member using TRICARE Retired Reserve, and unmarried former spouses registered in DEERS under their own social security number), at least 21 but not 26 or older, not eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan based on you own employment, and not otherwise eligible for TRICARE coverage.

There are two options you can select, and this will change how you get care: The Prime option and the Select option.

The prime option works the same as TRICARE Prime. Meaning, you’ll have an assigned primary care manager (PCM) who provides most of your care. The people that can choose the prime option are children of active-duty sponsors in all U.S. locations and in all overseas areas and children of retired sponsors only in specific Prime service areas. You’ll be responsible to pay monthly premiums and TRICARE Prime copayments.

For the select option, all dependent adult children who qualify for TRICARE young adult program can choose this option. The person will pay monthly premiums, annual deductible, and cost shares.

TRICARE Young Adult is an excellent option for unmarried, adult children who have "aged out" of regular TRICARE coverage. The plan provides comprehensive medical and pharmacy benefits. Enrolling is easy (once you verify that you’re eligible). You can do it online, call your regional contractor, and fax/mail your enrollment form to your regional contractor.

What’s new in 2021 for TRICARE Young Adult

Beginning this year, 2021, coverage will increase. The Prime option will increase by 22% while the select option will increase by 12.7%. So, TRICARE Prime premiums increased from $376 to $459 per month and TRICARE Select premiums increased from $228 to $257 per month.

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