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Top 10 Things To Do In Homer Alaska

I had the pleasure of visiting Alaska for the first time in July. I spent a week in Homer and lI oved every minute of it. Below is small clip from the latest episode of Diapers and Deployments talking about my favorite part of Homer, THE PEOPLE!

I will need to go back to complete the Top 10! I can personally vouch for the beautiful scenery and amazing food!

1. Halibut Fishing – Homer is known as the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World. Fondly

referred to as “Big Buts”, fisherman can find Halibut weighing 100 - 300 pounds.

2. Bear Viewing – Homer has become the #1 Bear Viewing region in Alaska. Fly over to

Katmai National Park & Preserve and Lake Clark National Preserve and see these giant

Alaska Coastal Brown Bears (Grizzly Bears) in their natural setting.

3. King Salmon Fishing – You can fish for King (Chinook) Salmon year-round in the

beautiful ocean waters of Kachemak Bay. In March, Homer hosts the Homer Winter

King Salmon Tournament which is the largest fishing tournament on the west coast. In

2022, over $283,000 was handed out in prize money.

4. Visit the Homer Spit – This is a narrow 4.5 mile stretch of land that extends out into

Kachemak Bay formed naturally over thousands of years by receding glaciers. Highway 1

which starts in Baja California, ends at the end of the Homer Spit, which is the farthest

continues western road in the United States,

5. Hike to a Glacier – Kachemak Bay State Park encompasses nearly 400,000 miles of

breathtaking acres of mountains, glaciers, forest and ocean. A very popular trail is the

hike to Grewingk Glacier where you can take a kayak or paddle board ride on Grewingk

Lake among large floating chunks of ice from the glacier.

6. Sea Kayaking Tours - Explore the waters of Kachemak Bay on a sea kayak­ing tour.

7. Flightseeing Tours - See the mountains and glaciers surrounding Homer in dramatic

fashion  on a flightseeing tour inside a helicopter.

8. Ecological Tours - Whether it's hiking the pristine and wildlife rich trails and beaches,

sailing, kayaking, bear viewing, clamming, fishing her sparkling bay, photographing her

eagles and other birds close up, you'll find Homer to be the Ecological Tourism Capital of Alaska.

9. A Foodie Town – Few small towns have the culinary variety of Homer. There are coffee

shops on nearly every corner next to gourmet sandwich shops and fine dining

restaurants. You’ll also find a delicious bakery, local breweries, a winery, meaderies, and

oyster bars featuring the freshest oysters pulled right from Kachemak Bay.

10. The Arts - Homer is renowned as a cultural center. Theater, film, painting, sculpting,

music, performance, and writing are all part of the local arts community. In addition to

galleries and performances, there are classes and workshops that range from theater

and dance to writing and visual arts. The Alaska World Arts Festival takes place in Homer

the second and third weeks of September.

If you have ever thought about visiting Alaska then start making your travel reservations today!

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